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Seed breeding

Seed breeding

Cgrain offer two instruments to seed breeders, the Cgrain Value™ and the Seedscanner. Both use single kernel analysis, a non-destructive analysis principle, useful for the breeder’s valuable samples. The Value-instrument is an analytical tool and can be used even with small samples. Therefore, it is especially useful in the early stages of the breeding process.

The Seedscanner on the other hand, a laboratory robot designed for larger samples. Originally developed for the ISTA application “Determination of other seeds by number”, it handles typically 500 grams or 1 kg samples. Additional to the inspection of the grain the Seedscanner sorts the sample into two fractions. The smaller fraction, 5 – 10%, contains the suspicious seeds leaving the correct seed in the larger fraction. The suspicious seeds are then reanalyzed by manual inspection or via the analysis of the images captured by the instrument. Due to the extended and laborious task of inspecting 1kg of seed, i.e.> 20,000 kernels, the Seedscanner is the work-horse of the laboratory and saves on strenuous work for your laboratory staff minimizing injuries and stress to neck and shoulders.

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